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Clip-on Glasses | Orange

Clip-on Glasses | Orange

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The clip-on glasses are effectively blocking around 99% of harmful blue light. That's the optimal dose for healthy eyes.

FREE blue light tester in every order!
You don't have to trust our word - test it yourself!

The package includes:
- Branded NoBlue Clip-on Orange with 99% blue light filtration
- Soft cloth for cleaning
- Stylish case for glasses
- Blue light tester (multiple use)

You're buying more than just a pair of're buying protection for your eyes and overall health.

Remember! Not every "similar" product on the market works.

Let's care about ourselves!


✔️ Rested eyes
✔️ Decreased eye dryness
✔️ Better concentration
✔️ Improved sleep quality
✔️ Slowing down permanent changes in the eyes caused by blue light

Highest quality glasses:

  •   They're made from light and durable TR material
  •   Expandable hinges
  •   Blue light filters are built into glasses (not just sprayed on)

Product Details

Purpose: Daily use

Gender: Unisex

Frame Width: 135mm

Lens Width: 61mm

Bridge Width: 17mm

Frame Height: 44mm

Weight: 12g


Delivery Time: 3-5 business days

Return Policy

We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

Please note, that the customer is responsible for covering the costs of the return.

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Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

Blue light is coming from screens of laptops, smartphones, tvs and even LED lights. It damages our sight and causes discomfort. The optic nerves are constantly contracting and relaxing to focus the image properly. This leads to their overexertion. No wonder that many people complain about fatigue, blurred vision, headeaches and insomnia after prolonged work at the computer.

We cannot eliminate blue light from our lives, all we can do is to limit its harmful effects.

Undoubtedly, NoBlue clip-on glasses can help here. They will protect your eyes and improve your well-being

In this graph, we can see the full spectrum of light that reaches our eyes.

Here, the light is filtered through our glasses. Harmful UV light and about 99% of blue light have been removed. The glasses have a balanced filter that blocks only unwanted light (380-500nm).