Your Vision and Sleep - Our Priority

Blue Light Protection - Glasses, that make a difference!

Effectiveness of NoBlue Glasses is backed by tests and science!

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You have prescription glasses? No problem!

Our Clip-on Blue Light Glasses were made specifically for those who already wear glasses. You can't wear 2 pair of glasses at once right? You need one pair for better vision, and one for blocking the blue light. Don't worry, just clip them on your everyday glasses and voila!

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Don't forget about the youngest ones

Excessive blue light exposure disrupts the natural sleep rhythm among children, causing mild insomnia and bad-quality sleep. Prolonged exposure to this light can lead to eye dryness, irritation, and tiredness. It also can make them distracted and make it difficult to focus. Moreover, kids are especially sensitive to blue light compared to adults, which can lead to negative side effects when it comes to the development of their eyesight.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids

We protect your eyes from blue light, and your privacy from prying gazes

Welcome to new era of security with our privacy filters!

A screen visible only to You

Increased work comfort and safe data? Yes - right after putting our filter on.

The screen turns black at a 30 degree angle!

Protect Your Privacy

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