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Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy Screen Protector

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Our filter represents world-class quality:

  • Scratch-resistant coating - you can clean it worry-free
  • It operates very effectively - a structure developed in the laboratory
  • It leaves a clear and vivid image for the user
  • It protects the eyes from harmful UV light

With NoBlue Privacy Filter:

✔️ You'll eliminate concerns about being monitored by others

✔️ You'll safeguard your data/information/projects from theft

✔️ Additionally, you'll gain a UV light filter - protecting your eyesight

All of this significantly enhances comfort and peace of mind while using the computer.

Our filter is a simple and effective solution.

The image is fully visible only straight on. At other angles, it gradually diminishes. Beyond 30 degrees, the screen appears as nothing more than a black rectangle.

Anyone can install it.

The package includes two types of mounts from 3M. You can decide which one is more convenient for you.

It has two sides to choose from - both work similarly:
Matte - reduces sunlight reflection
Glossy - provides slightly more vibrant colors.


Package includes:

  • Professional NoBlue Privacy Filter
  • Double mounting set
  • Soft cloth for removing impurities
  • Installation instructions and packaging

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