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Clip-on Glasses Bundle

Clip-on Glasses Bundle

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Daytime Version: It is perfect for everyday use, like working at a computer or watching TV. 

Night-time Version: We put it on 3-4 hours before sleep. You can watch TV, and browse your laptop or smartphone without any worries, as you're 99% protected from blue light.

FREE blue light tester in every order!
You don't have to trust our word - test it yourself!

The package includes:

- Branded NoBlue Glasses "Clip-on Orange" with 99% blue light filtration                           

- Branded NoBlue Glasses "Clip-on Day" with 40% blue light filtration

- 2 x Soft cloth for cleaning
- 2 x Stylish case for glasses
- 2 x Blue light tester (multiple use)

You're buying more than just a pair of're buying protection for your eyes and overall health.

Remember! Not every "similar" product on the market works.

Let's care about ourselves!

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